Clay sculpture Commission – May 2014

Title: Tri Cup

Materials: Clay, acrylic, wire,

Size:  16in / 11in

sculpt cup 14 result


Terracotta sculpture commission – July 2013

Title: Mother Earth

Size: 5in / 3in

Mother Earth sculpt 13


Recycled wood sculpture – December 2012

Title: Scrap?

Medium: Recycled wood, recycled metal

Message: Finding harmony in seemingly useless pieces of scrap material

EMC_5510 EMC_5511 EMC_5513 EMC_5514


Steel rod sculpture (November 2012)

Title: System Dependency

Inspiration: NY state “Sandy” hurricane aftermath – and what happens when the system fails us and reveals vulnerability

Message: Critiquing the massive amount of reliance on the health/city/urban system and how that is problematic.

e.g. : What do you think might happen if we remove one element from the current system we love so much, say like ELECTRICITY. So there’s NO phone/internet/computer/tv/newspaper/artificial light , you may be useless at your electricity dependant job => no money, your super-market runs out of food,  your home has no tap water , your toilet does not work , your heating/cooling system is down, your food goes bad , there’s no hospital , all your digital files/books/photos are not accessible … => your whole world and what you are used to is gone and all is left is chaos and desperation. The only thing you can do is go back to how things were done in the distant past, so distant that we forgot how to do the simplest things without technology to assist us. Something might force us to change that.

Get out of the concrete box !

Material : steel rod, wire, string, photos


Portable Sculpture (October 2012)

Title:  “Shelter?”

Message: Illusion of shelter => illusion of security/safety/refuge/protection/comfort

Material: Recycled acetate, and string

In natural lighting

Light element
Side view, cell structure.
Sculpture rolled into travel mode


Temporary Public Sculpture Installation “Stuck” (September 2012)

Location: Keele Campus (York U)

Statement/Message: Organic vs Synthetic tension

Material: Tape

Click HERE to read critique (coming soon)

“Stuck” Temporary Public Installation at Keele Campus (York U)

“Stuck” 2012