My name is Emanuel Ciobanica I was a Visual Art (studio) major at York University (Toronto, ON, CA), in order to solidify my personal style and better understand contemporary art practice.

I am a contemporary artist interested in all possible ways of being creative (sculpture, photography, painting, drawing, writing, print making, design… ). I am fascinated by the creative process, and image development throughout the project. I am inspired and influenced by different mediums, and how they can change the end result. I push myself to create something original, but it seems very difficult given that there are so many passionate artists all over the world, and so many magnificent artists in the past. I can only hope I can continue what they were trying to achieve and add something new to the “picture”, my vision.

The goal of this site is to make people aware of how I bring another grain of sand to the already saturated art world.

I look forward to sharing my work with you, and receive your feedback.

Thank you


Short bio:

Emanuel is a professional artist working in a wide range of media, including sculpture, painting, murals, photography (film and digital), installation and other. She has been studying art since she was ten, she won third place in an international painting competition when she was eleven, and has had many international exhibitions, including Canada, U.K., France, Romania and U.S.. She was also one of the artists that worked on the longest painted canvas (3,464.1 meters) established by Guinness book of world records in 2006. Her current work has been featured in the coming movie “Opening Night”(2012), published in Art Out magazine(2011). Emanuel finished her multidisciplinary studies in Visual Art (Studio) at York University in Toronto, while successfully managing her personal practice. Her most recent series explores the process of physical/psychological healing and how the body adapts to the environment. Her previous exhibitions were inspired by political struggles in E Europe as she engaged in a in a social critique. However, her main focus remains personal expression, introspection and giving form to her inner world through contemporary art, and engaging the community through public art.


Brief Artist Statement:

By combining the classical beauty, philosophy and artistic technique acquired in my years of study in Europe, and the contemporary conceptual/emotional perspective of artistic knowledge acquired in The West, I have achieved a negotiated unity of two very different worlds. Within my practice I incorporate many different art historical landmarks of style that inspire and guide me to new possibilities, I make use of elements from the rich past and diverse present in order to envision a possible artistic future. Pushing the artistic envelope further, while having a strong foundation in the past is the only way to launch new successful artistic concept. I am strongly influenced by the materiality and effect of the medium an how it can inform the viewer and the project. I’m influenced by Abstract Expressionists like, Jules Olitski, Jack Bush and Helen Frankenthaler, as well as the contructivist and surrealist automatist movements. I have a diverse creative drive that pushes me to try new ways of expressing myself. I am interested in the process of teaching, sharing and learning art as a way to constantly evolve and as an artist, energize artistic pursuits, and help individuals connect with art on a deeper level.


Copyright Emanuel Ciobanica 2010


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