About ArT ExploratioN

A.E. logo#1

We are a contemporary Art gallery, school, art community,

and art shop.

Visit us soon at our new downtown venue !

  •  “The ArT ExploratioN logo represents the space before the first line, the blank page before the first word, the moment before the first brush stroke, thus, there is a sense of overwhelming potential for creative thought and expression. The logo seeks to inspire, and challenge the viewer.

    That being said, it’s more than a symbol that represents the company’s interests and brand, it’s an artistic concept, subject to endless exploration and discovery. It’s made to drive inquiry, curiosity, and to create a strong connection between the company and the individual.”

Slogan: “experience, explore, experiment” (creativity and mediums of expression)

About the mysterious logoclick here to read full description.

About: Making quality professional artistic practice on a wide range of media, available to the public.

Mission: To inspire, create, promote, teach, celebrate creativity, and make the public aware of contemporary art practice.

Getting all the quality professional artists/designers in one place. We always invite new members !

Products: Visual Art, Photography, Illustration and Design (all mediums, commissioned and independent practice)

Services:  – personal consultation or on site consultation  (fees may apply)

Sending specialists to help you select appropriate colour palette, size, artwork theme, collecting client specifications, and setting an accurate price.

Description:  ArT ExploratioN is representing, teaching, supporting, promoting, and engaging talented artists from all around the world to the company’s national and international job opportunities (projects, commissions, internships/apprenticeships on various artistic mediums of interest).

About our employees: Our employees are professional freelance artists/designers and professors who have university/college, MFA degrees, and apprenticeship specializations in various mediums. For more specific information, contact us.


If you have any questions, please contact us, we will be glad to discuss your project and book an appointment. You can also contact us to ask us about specific mediums we cover.

We get all the quality professional artists/designers in one place, the greatest local artists at your service.

If you don’t find the medium you were looking for, ask us about it !

Visit us soon at our new downtown venue !


a.e. 2


“You did a wonderful job, great shots, and I’ve never seen a photographer participating, dancing and brightening the mood as you do ! You really raised the bar. ”  – Wedding participants 2011

“This girl, did not eat, drink, or sit down all day/night ! I want to officially thank you, in front of everybody, for you effort and dedication Emma” – Groom

“We all love your sculpture here at Elora Sculpture garden, you are truly a talented artist ” – Amy (Advertising Director)

“It’s rare to find such talent and contagious enthusiasm, never give up ! It was nice collaborating with you” – anonymous client (2012)

“It’s our pleasure working with you Emanuel, you are serious and reliable” – Martejka R. (Instructor)

“I absolutely LOVE your artwork it Blows my Mind!!!” – N. Corderman (Artist)

“Your work is ridiculously awesome, hope to see you soon!” – A. Denvir (Friend)

“Great blog!  You post such interesting subjects. Thank you!” – K. Longden-Sarron (Blog Follower)

“Very impressive work and website!!” – S. Avishek Kasana (Artist)

“You were our first choice for this art project, due to your talent, and great work ethic !” – Rob (Boss)

(C)Copyright Emanuel Ciobanica 2010-2013 


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