David Mirvish Private Art Collection

I had the honour to visit and marvel at David Mirvish’s amazing private collection of post WW2 abstract expressionist paintings/collages/sculptures, all with the guidance of the great art critic Ken Carpenter. In the collection there were great pieces by Jules Olitski, Helen Frankenthaler, Morris Louis, Susan Roth, Frank Stella, Sir Anthony Caro, Kenneth Noland, Hans Hofmann, Jack Bush, and Robert Motherwell – just to name a few !

Sample work from artists presented
Sample work from artists presented

I wanted to write about this as fast as I could, while still being in the awe of  that unique moment. The moment when you realize that abstract art does have a soul and presence ! It does have an impact ! It’s NOT something “anybody could do” (as some still believe). But it does take a trained eye to see the subtle balances, the tensions they have tried to resolve, all the thought that went into its creation, and that nothing is random or “child-like”. Being in the presence of these huge pieces and gaining insight about the artist’s view from people who actually met the artists, and most importantly understood their philosophy… it is a truly rare and precious moment.

                                       SIGN THE PETITION !

This petition will allow David Mirvish to build an Art Museum on his Downtown Toronto property !

Then you could all enjoy his absolutely astounding art collection.

Please sign the online petition by clicking on this LINK

Thank you.

Copyright Emanuel Ciobanica 2013


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