Yellow Duck Swimming in a Blue Sea of Destruction

“Yellow Duck Swimming in the Blue Sea of Destruction”

I choose to show this photo because it really manages to illustrate several important issues that don’t seem to have any connection to one another:

Such as the U.S. election and its impact.

Global environmental issues and how we are circling the drain on so many levels.

The solar flare, and all the chaos that comes from loosing electricity for more than 72 hours.

Symbols analysis:

In the middle we have the small innocent duck, being swooped up by the waves of the system (humanity). On the left of the photo we have the “$” and “cut” sign (global economic downfall). On the right we have the incentive “Wake up and smell” I will complete with REALITY !

In the middle we have an “Open” sign leading into more darkness, and on the bottom left car (wave) there is a stop sign, symbolising that we seem to have stopped questioning and analysing all these problems !

Copyright Emanuel Ciobanica 2010 – 2012


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