Art and meaning

Major power quotes from “Anonymous” (movie) that perfectly reflect some of my own views on artistic practice :

“Artists have something to say, otherwise they would make shoes !”

“Art is art because it means something, otherwise it would be decoration !”

Could not have said it better than this !

I barely have anything to add, but I want to say this. The main creative drive should come from a concept, something you believe in, something you want to express, or something that has caused a reaction in you. The medium and imagery you use will carry that message. The choice of imagery to fit, and get that message through is a crucial part of the project. I do sometimes go the other way around, I take my camera and start searching for things I want to talk about, things that should be discussed, issues that have not been addressed and then concepts emerge simultaneously. There is no one way to do this, but the only concern is not to create something just because it looks good, and it sells and then call it Art.

“I cannot stop the voices that keep emerging in my mind, until I write them on paper, yes maybe I am possessed ! But what I know is that I have to write them, otherwise I would go mad.”

Absolutely beautiful, sincere, and accurate description of what happens if you are in that state of inspiration. I go through this from time to time, and relax only after I have a rough sketch of the idea that “possessed” me (interestingly enough it usually happens on the subway, I guess public transit, and time lost on the road just gives me time to think).

“You can change the world with words”

I’m going to go ahead, as I did with the rest of them, to change the obvious reference to writing and see it as art in general.

Changing the world, well how much influence can you have, to change something at a social/political level with art today ? Well, if you get enough attention, and if your piece is outrageous enough (almost impossible to achieve in the post-modern age) you could cause some kind of effect. But the quote was good for the time period presented (16th century), back then they could still change the world with words. People reacted more to the world around them.

And the perfect one to conclude:

————–“It’s all ready if your mind is” ————–


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