Collaborative Art installation

 Organized by

– Visual Arts Student Association (V.A.S.A.) –

24 hours of redefining a gallery space.

Pure creativity and freedom

The overall experience was exhausting, but once you get in that creative trance you lose grasp of your hunger, back pain and other things. Your mind wanders into a vortex of infinite possibilities, you realize you can do ANYTHING when you are in this space, you have all the materials you want (we all brought and shared). You look around and all you see is waves of imagination, improvisation, people redefining the space around them using only ordinary objects. You see enthusiasm and friendship, you receive instant feedback and ask for outside opinion. It’s a unique overall experience.

The mission of this event for the past seven(?) years, is to gather artists in the same room, get them to create something together and not leave until it’s finished. By doing all that, at the end you find out something about yourself. All those hours tenses and relaxes your creative process, it shifts and bends as time passes. It starts with confusion and rigidity, followed by “what am I really doing here? “, but after that you start to see how experimental and unfixed it all is, and you take a shot at a random idea. After that it’s all wonderful and creative, you develop it, change it, bypass limitations of the medium (in my case newspaper, tape, modified hangers and string) and start to “fall” for your creation and it gradually becomes “that something great I once did”.

My work is a huge news paper head hanged on the ceiling between pipes, around it I placed a round frame with dangling pieces of red string and magnetic tape  (photos).

The purpose of my part of the installation is to draw the viewer under the curtain and create an experience by seeing above you this intimidating expressionless face. I was also aware of where to place it into space and how to move the lighting in order to better see shadows on the sculpture and on the wall behind.

I’m not sure if I should comment or try to describe everybody else’s work because there are so many levels of analysis, but all I can say is that, all they have done is to push themselves out of the comfort zone, try to do something bold, crazy and make it work with everything else. They constructed and destroyed pieces they played with sound, structure, texture, material developed other people’s work and more.

I will come every year and find out how my ideas change, how my perception and creativity starts to become more free and experimental. How I become free from imposed standards, how the road of creativity becomes smoother not pushed and forced. I will come every year to rediscover and redefine something I thought to be lost.

For two days ideas were flowing, materials were explored and appropriated, contrasting visions were collaborating and negotiating, the space was morphing into something yet to be discovered.

We brought painting, sculpture, drawing, installation, performance art, time based art, video art .. ALL in the same room, all connected to each other. We experienced all the joy and challenge of working together. We created chaos and discovered new perspectives.

The whole installation looks quite chaotic and none of it seems to make any sense,  but in its own world it has to be seen as an experiment and a visual exploration not something you have to necessarily relate to. It’s something you experience if you can be there in the gallery.

There is no way to fully experience this through photos alone.

But you can see photos here . And on Tongue & Groove

Copyright Emanuel Ciobanica (c)


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