Is art really dying?

Is creativity and personal relationship with the medium no longer appreciated or respected? Is artistic expression dismissed on profit related grounds? Is art seen as a useless commodity? Is is it the fault of the modern artist because he pushed the boundaries “way too far” by making art something they believe “anybody can do” ? […]

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Art and meaning

Major power quotes from “Anonymous” (movie) that perfectly reflect some of my own views on artistic practice : “Artists have something to say, otherwise they would make shoes !” “Art is art because it means something, otherwise it would be decoration !” Could not have said it better than this ! I barely have anything […]

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Collaborative Art installation

 Organized by – Visual Arts Student Association (V.A.S.A.) – 24 hours of redefining a gallery space. Pure creativity and freedom The overall experience was exhausting, but once you get in that creative trance you lose grasp of your hunger, back pain and other things. Your mind wanders into a vortex of infinite possibilities, you realize […]

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Eco art & media festival

The Wild Garden Media Centre team is hosting:  – 18th Annual Eco Art & Media Festival – March 5th, 2012 The show will be in ZigZag Gallery Opening Night festivities on March 6, 2012 Works submitted: Refulgence (series) Content/Intention (Very brief statement about the meaning or inspiration of the work): The content of the photographs is abstract and minimalist. […]

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