Bussiness of Art conference 2012

My conference notes: Students in free enterprise (S.I.F.E.) at York University presents: – The Business of Art Conference – Saturday 28th of January 2012 ~ Speakers: 10:00 am Opening : “The Art of Networking” (building relationships) by Teri Block (Master key communications, Actor) –  Art is your passion, business thrives if it’s based on something you […]

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Exhibition and Movie scene

Personal photography exhibition, and the show will appear in a scene in the movie “Opening night”. The show starts this weekend (28th of January 2012) at Eleanor Winters Art Gallery  (York University, Keele campus). There will be eleven B&W photographs (film based) and nine digital prints. Photos from the show can be seen here.

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Some of the concepts I think about, that drive my work, but are better said by others: “An idea, resilient highly contagious. Once an idea has taken hold of your brain, it’s almost impossible to eradicate. An idea fully formed and understood that sticks ! ” (Movie: Inception, Origins) I go through this every time I take […]

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